Televisions & Hard Drive Recorders

FSL Jones Television Services have a unique approach to selling Televisions. Usually you may spend a while looking at a number of different makes, models and sizes. You would then purchase a specific model and hope you have made the right decision and that it is going to look as good in your front room as it does in the catalogue or showroom.

If you are thinking of purchasing a number of Televisions and are not sure which one you want, we will deliver all of them directly to you, set them up in situ so that you can decide how it will fit in before you make your final decision.

By doing this, you can make sure that the look, size and feel of your new product fits in exactly how you wanted. Once you are happy with your purchase, we will set it up, connect it and leave your home, making sure you have a good digital aerial (which we could meter to check the signal strength), we would also make sure it is all working well, and also confirm with you that you fully understand the product and are confident on how to use it.